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Sistine Stone Bathroom Shower Systems

American Bath Factory, the #1 manufacturer of clawfoot tubs, is proud to introduce our Easy-to-Install Sistine Stone™ Bathroom Shower Systems. Our idea was to use Custom Stone and create a bathroom shower kit that looks elegant and can be installed in far less time than simple tile showers. Transform your cold, dreary shower into your own personal sanctuary with the option of adding a recessed shampoo shelf and bench to customize the shower to your needs. Your new bathroom shower will have the look of travertine without the expense.Sistine Stone Bathroom Shower systems are beautiful

Our Bathroom Showers Have The Beauty of Natural Stone

Our showers are made from Sistine Stone™, a material designed to look and feel like natural stone that brings a timeless charm and beauty to any bathroom setting. With this material your shower will transform from a daily chore into an irresistible shower experience in a spa like setting as you relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Because of the natural minerals and resins, your shower will also be unique because no two colors and textures are the same. Each shower has it's own "fingerprint" ensuring that while two showers may look similar, there will never be a shower exactly like yours.

Our Bathroom Showers Are Durable and Hygienic

Because our showers are created with Sistine Stone™ all shower walls and pans are chemically inert, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and non-toxic. This means that our bathroom showers will not support the growth of fungi, mildew and bacteria. This same material is also 100% repairable should chipping or cracking ever occur. Unlike other bathroom shower materials like marble or natural stone that have a gel-coated surface, our Sistine Stone™ showers will not turn yellow when exposed to light. This durability also allows you a broader choice of cleaning materials. Compared to materials like acrylic, which can crack when some types of cleaners are applied, our surfaces maintain their beauty even under the stresses of many commercial cleaners.

Our Bathroom Showers Are Easy to Install, Easy to Clean

The beauty of American Bath Factory Shower Systems lies not only in the good looks but also in the ease of installation. Unlike tile showers that force you to place each tile and can take days to install, our shower systems are made and installed in sections. This ease of installation means that you spend less time installing, and more time enjoying your new shower. When it comes to cleaning, all Sistine Stone™ products can be cleaned with soap and water, ammonia based liquid cleaners (Glass cleaner), and most conventional nonabrasive household or industrial cleaners. Surface scratches, dents and superficial burns as well as stubborn stains from cigarette burns, dyes, marking pens, etc. can easily be removed.

Our Bathroom Showers Are Built to Last a Lifetime

Compare the wall thickness and structural support system of Sistine Stone's ™ pans to other pans on the market. Hands down, Sistine Stone™ pans are heavier and stronger than all the other pans available. They are engineered to feel solid, and not to flex even under extreme loading. The structural integrity and strength of the pan's edge is designed to support heavy cement board needed to create a long life shower system. When you get one of our bathroom shower systems, you know you're getting a quality product, one that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and beauty.

Some More Reasons You'll Love Our Bathroom Showers

  • Shower doors are made with thick 3/8" premium tempered glass for strength and safety. Doors are easy to install in the pre-made, ready to install channels.
  • All hinges and door handles are made from metal and are designed for heavy duty use to ensure easy, smooth and reliable service.
  • Shower wall tiles extend all the way to the shower pan, which is reinforced and designed to be leak free so the feeling you get is of solid, well crafted construction.
  • Every shower comes with a 10 year limited warranty to retain their structural integrity and configuration. We back up our bathroom showers so you know you're getting a great product