Alpine ALP4111-CB Urinal Screen in Packs of 10 - Cotton Blossom Scented

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    • Urinal Screen in Packs of 10 - Cotton Blossom Scented
    • 30-day fragrance life reduces need for air fresheners
    • Fully flexible, 8-sided design snugly fits any urinal configuration
    • Designed to eliminate 99% of splashback
    • Shipped in packages of 10 individually packaged screens; select ocean mist, cherry, mango or cucumber melon
    • Dual-sided, position any way
    • Full manufacturer's warranty included

Alpine' urinal splash screens solve a multitude of challenges in men’s public restroom facilities wherever their location. They are designed to help eliminate 99% of splash back for patrons and assist maintenance personnel in keeping any other refuse from clogging the urinal. With a 30-day fragrance life, Alpine's urinal splash screens may eliminate the need for additional deodorizer units in your restroom.