Alpine ALP4111-SA-70 Spiced Apple Dual-Sided Anti-Splash Urinal Screen (70-Pack)

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  • Spiced Apple Dual-Sided Anti-Splash Urinal Screen (70-Pack)
  • Alpine Industries spiced apple dual-sided anti-splash urinal screens solve a multitude of challenges in men's public restroom facilities wherever their location. They are designed to help eliminate 99% of splash back for patrons and assist maintenance personnel in keeping any other refuse from clogging the urinal. With a 30-day fragrance life, Alpines urinal splash screens may eliminate the need for additional deodorizer units in your restroom. Urinal screen is designed to fit in most urinals. Comes in a pack of 10 urinal screens.
  • Spiced apple scented fragrance to fill the room with seasonal fall scent
  • Fits all urinals for your convenience
  • 5000-flushes for long lasting use
  • Eliminates splash back for more sanitary satisfaction
  • Approximately 30 days usage
  • Individually wrapped for easy accessibility
  • 70-pack for your convenience
  • Deodorizer and odor neutralizer for public urinals and mens restrooms
  • Sturdy, flexible plastic that won't wear down
  • Lattice design to prevent water splash back and allow drainage when flushing
  • Full manufacturer's warranty included