Alfi ABNP1224-BB 12" x 24" Brushed Black PVD Stainless Steel Vertical Double Shelf Shower Niche

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  • ALFI brand ABNP1224-BB 12" x 24" Brushed Black PVD Stainless Steel Vertical Double Shelf Shower Niche
  • Enjoy the sleek look of this stainless steel niche with a super durable PVD finish that resists fingerprints and makes a statement in any home. Save hundreds of dollars over tiled niches; unlike traditional niches that require extra labor and expensive tile work, this niche is fully finished and ready to mount into your wall opening.
  • PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating is a process in which a solid material is vaporized in a vacuum and deposited onto the surface of the shower niche. This coating is not simply a metal layer though. Instead, compound materials are deposited atom by atom, forming a thin, bonded, metal layer that greatly improves the appearance and durability of the product. It also maintains the brushed look of original stainless steel.
  • Traditional niches have always been just one single shelf. Now with this stainless steel niche you can enjoy two separate shelves to keep things neat.
  • Not just for your shower! This recessed niche adds convenient space to use for storage, decor or more. The neutral black color makes this niche the perfect modern choice for easy to install recessed shelving anywhere. The black color makes a statement and can become a centerpiece that matches effortlessly with other matte black hardware.
  • Please note that the shampoo, soap and other accessories shown in some of the images are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.
  • Includes adhesive strips on the back edges and easy-to-follow instructions for fast 3 step installation.
  • Made of solid 304 series stainless steel which is waterproof and rustproof. Perfect for a wet environment.
  • Sloped on the long horizontal side by approximately 2 degrees to allow for quick water drainage out of the niche.
  • Installs between studs for a neat, recessed appearance.
  • Interior Size of each Shelf: 10 5/8" x 22 5/8" x 3 7/8". The wall cut out dimensions are 10 3/4" x 22 3/4"

  • Click for specifications: Alfi ABNP1224-BB
    Click for installation guide: Alfi ABNP1224-BB

    This ALFI brand stainless double shelf niche offers the practical convenience of recessed shelving anywhere in your home. The perfect space-saving solution for shower essentials, nik-naks, home decor, and more. Made from high-quality stainless steel material and a PVD brushed finish - our niches are compact, easy to install, and offer a modern alternative to traditional shelving.