Alfi HammockTub1-WM White Matte 79" Acrylic Suspended Wall Mounted Hammock Bathtub

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    • HammockTub1-WM White Matte 79" Acrylic Suspended Wall Mounted Hammock Bathtub
    • Unlike any tub you have ever seen before, this completely hanging hammock style bathtub will surely make a statement in any bathroom for years to come.
    • Most acrylic tubs are glossy, but this tub features a matte finish that looks and feels like the ultra high end material called Solid Surface also known as Resin. Now this fancy finish is available in a much more affordable material.
    • The HammockTub must be installed between two walls that are between 7 7/8" to 8 5/8" thick. So framing your walls with 2x8's is perfect. Cannot be mounted on a standard 4 inch wall using 2x4's. The two walls must be exactly 78 3/4" apart.
    • This tub requires that you purchase a floor mounted or wall mounted tub filler. No faucets or predrilled holes included.
    • Since this tub is suspended above the floor you will need to select a shower drain to install on the floor directly under the tubs drain hole. Another option is to create a slight angle on the entire floor under the tub and install a linear drain at the end of the slope.
    • Enjoy this extra large tub which is over 6.5 feet long, offering ample leg room.
    • Weight capacity of 300 lbs. It can hold one or two people as long as their total combined weight is 300 lbs or less.
    • Reinforced with 2 iron metal rods that run through the entire tub. Rods are 3mm thick and 40mm wide and provide the necessary structural support to carry the suspended weight.
    • Unlike traditional cast iron tubs, acrylic tubs are warmer to the touch and provide a more comfortable soaking experience.
    • Includes a matching color pop up drain cap. As well as a drain flange that mounts under the tub to prevent splashing.
    • Full manufacturer's warranty included

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