Vigo VG07110 Black Sottile Matteshell Vessel Bathroom Sink - 12 inch

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Vigo VG07110 Black Sottile Matteshell Vessel Bathroom Sink - 12 inch
  • Black Sottile Matteshell Vessel Bathroom Sink
  • From deliberate design and pristine construction comes the Vigo Black Sottile MatteShell™ Vessel Bathroom Sink. Innovative and intense, this sink brings the same excellence of classic solid tempered glass and takes it to the next level. The Black Sottile is deeply opaque and has an eggshell-like sheen that is rich yet subtle. Because the deep ebony shade is infused into the sink itself, there is never a risk of a chipped finish. This model, with its distinctive rectangular shape and smoothed, concave corners, beautifully blends hard and soft elements. Experience the synergy of character and style all in one.
  • • MatteShell™ build features reinforced tempered glass for additional resilience
  • • Fingerprint-free coating is consistent all throughout to resist marks and scratches
  • • Unique finish is contemporary and stylish
  • • Above-counter installation is modern and spacious
  • • Rounded corners make sink easy to clean
  • Full manufacturer's warranty included

  • Click for specifications:Vigo VG07110