Alpine ADI996-01-BLK-902-PKG Adjustable Exam Table with Paper Dispenser with Single Box Capacity Acrylic Glove Dispenser

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  • Adjustable Exam Table with Paper Dispenser with Single Box Capacity Acrylic Glove Dispenser
  • The AdirMed Foam-Padded, Adjustable Medical Exam Table was designed to foster a smooth medical exam, no matter the reason for the visit. The frame of the AdirMed Foam-Padded, Adjustable Medical Exam Table is built from durable and resilient powder coated steel. This design provides for a stable surface that can handle up to 440 lbs. of weight during normal use. A paper towel dispenser is also built into the front of the frame to provide for convenient access to paper towels no matter the need. Additionally, the Exam Table's frame includes a bar that allows the backrest to be adjusted to multiple positions to increase patient comfort as well as to allow for more seamless medical exams. The AdirMed Foam-Padded, Adjustable Medical Exam Table includes 2 heavyweight foam-padding with rounded corners. This padding was designed for patient comfort, but was also made to be durable and easy to clean between visits. As a result, the foam-padding is free from seams, and knit backing was used to reinforce the upholstery. So, conduct a more comfortable and smooth medical exam with a AdirMed Foam-Padded, Adjustable Medical Exam Table. It's dependable and durable design was made to assist the many different daily needs of the modern medical professional. Includes single box glove dispenser. The AdirMed Glove Dispenser is made of high quality durable acrylic, designed to accommodate most brands and sizes of gloves. Mounting Holes are included for easy and fast installation. The 2 long sides of the dispenser, along with 1 of the short sides, are closed in to hold the box securely in place. Meanwhile, the second short side is open to make switching out a fresh box for an empty 1 quick and easy. You won't have to spend precious time restocking glove boxes when there are more pressing matters to attend to.
  • Features an adjustable backrest that can be put in multiple positions for added comfort and use in the field
  • Built with 2-inch padding that is free from seams and has rounded corners for added comfort
  • Includes a convenient and easy to access horizontal paper towel dispenser roll bar for quick access when needed
  • Maximum capacity is able to hold up to 440 pounds
  • Built on a 100% powder coated steel frame for durability and sturdiness
  • Includes single box capacity clear acrylic glove box dispenser that can be mounted horizontally or vertically for your convenience
  • Full manufacturer's warranty included