​7 Types Of Utilitarian Mirrors For Every Creative Person

Posted by Rachel on 27th Jan 2018

7 Types Of Utilitarian Mirrors For Every Creative Person

‘Mirror-Mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all?’

This famous monologue from our childhood bedtime story, Snow White & the 7 dwarfs, has a real deep meaning in our real lifeline as well. A mirror is the best compliment given to a woman and great confidence gainer to a man. Ain’t it? From the time of anarchy era, mirrors have been an integral part of the wise species. Used for different purposes, they were quite of a sound home decor items too.

It can be truly your companion if positioned at the right place. And for different places in your home means different purposes and looks as well.

Do you know that you can find a variety of mirrors according to your any particular purpose? Well, yes; these royal time gems can be your utility token as well as your home’s ornament. From bathrooms, bedrooms to staircases and hall rooms, mirrors are the perfect piece that shows off the gist of a creative being. They draw a positive magical aura to your abode or interiors. In Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra and various kinds of scriptures, mirrors have posed a repute of good luck and charm.

Nowadays, mirrors are made of different types of materials which make every one of them atypical from the other. Their utilisation, appearance, origination and many more factors make them distinctive from one another. And this is why it is very important to not only know but understand the facts of at least the quite popular ones. Let’s hook up with the various facts of mirrors that you need to buy now for your abode and boast of your creativity among the peers.

Wall Mirrors

Widely known and generally available in comparative large size, wall mirrors come in the gamut of an array. Besides their basic build material, the hanging style of the mirror is quite different. They can be attached to the wall according to their height and weight. Enjoy the simple yet captivating beauty of wall mirrors with or without frames. There one certain thing to note before investing in frameless mirrors; check the standard of mirror brackets or clips along with it as they need to be strong to hold tightly the object.

Not only they give a new look to the area but also make your place appear spacious.

Medicine Cabinet

In a room where space is sparse but accessories are plentiful, a medicine cabinet is a much-needed bathroom storage addition. This hidden cabinet functions as both a mirror and extra storage, which makes it the ideal double-duty purchase. Besides being above all practical, a medicine cabinet can also function as part of your decor, if you pick the right look. As you get ready to make your purchase, be sure to consider all the tips below.

There are a wide variety of cabinet types available, and the one you pick depends on your space and overall style. Here are the most popular options:

Surface-Mount: Probably the easiest style of medicine cabinet to install, this type hangs on the wall like a picture frame. Although it is available in a variety of depths, most tend to average around 4 inches or so, which leaves plenty of space for all your bath accessories.
Recessed: This style requires a little extra work. It's installed by cutting a hole into the bathroom wall, which allows the mirror to sit almost flush against the wall and take up less space. It leads to a cleaner, custom look, but if you're cutting a new hole, be careful — check behind the drywall to make sure no ductwork or plumbing block the space.
Corner: If your space is truly small, or if you happen to have a corner sink, a corner medicine cabinet might be your best option. This style takes up less wall space, but its depth allows for just as much storage.
Tri-View: For the ultimate family storage space, these multiple mirrored panels will do the trick. Most units include three usable cabinets, though for some, the center is just a decorative mirror while the others slide or swing open.

A unit can be as decked out or a simple as you want it to be, depending on your budget and style preferences. Basic models are usually mirrored and have stationary shelves, while more complex models also come lighted or with adjustable shelving. When it comes to the doors, a single-paned cabinet will usually include a hinged door, while a larger tri-view might have either a hinged or sliding door. For ultimate luxury, install or find a unit with a fog-proof mirror.

Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors were first introduced in Murano and silvered in Venice during the 16th century. At that time, they were profoundly known as looking glasses and the name was quite famous among the maiden during the Victorian era.

But the beauty of antique mirrors has still its power of flame in the 21st century. The trend is still on and many classic lovers or influencers of Renaissance art and culture are seen invested their fortune on this mirrors. Nowadays, they are found in gilt wooden frames with Victorian-era curves.

The best way to show off this darling is hanging it in the bedroom area near your bed.

Floor Mirrors

You don’t need to hang up them or create a great fuss over nails and hammer; just place your new floor mirror at just anywhere against the walls and make your own art exhibition gallery every time when you cross its front road.

They are magical because you need not add extras to complement it. It will eventually add brightness to your space and make it look larger than before.

Dressing Mirrors & Table Makeup Mirrors

The whole idea of dressing or makeup mirrors is to provide the best reflection of you. It is the basic necessity of every abode and can be placed in any room but mostly bedrooms are preferred than common rooms. They come with few utility drawers that can house a lot of your essential make-up and touch up kits.

In a home with contemporary choices, cheval floor mirrors are mostly spotted with the minimal yet handsomely in-built storage system. So, this can be your pick if you like your room moderately less loaded.

Swivel Arm Mirrors Or Wall Mounted Quick Mirrors

Precise, quick and portable; these are the prime factors that make swivel mirrors the favourite choice of every minimalistic. Mostly put in bathrooms or quick check places such as room corners or staircases because they impart two-sided reflection and come with the extension. They can be easily wall mounted and really helpful when you are on the run for your event.

Shelf Combined Mirrors

Shortage of space? Don’t worry, shelf combined mirrors are for every person who runs out of the cavity. Be it your bathing room, corner store room, basement or bedroom, these mirrors cabinets create space for all your nitty-gritty.

Whether you have an extensive area or cute little home of your dream, just remember, here you can find a variety of mirrors to see your reflection in different frames.